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At Demand A Driver Services, we regularly answer queries from a range of customers. So, we thought it would be a good idea to compile these questions and provide you with the answers.

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Our FAQs

Are The Drivers Insured?

Yes, all DADSS drivers are fully accredited, full licensed drivers over 25 years of age with a good driving record. Therefore they will be covered by your current comprehensive insurance. DADSS drivers will cover up to $1000 excess, for an at fault accident.

Can I Trust My DADSS Driver?

All DADSS drivers are subjected to a full background, identification and criminal check. Only drivers who have legitimate identification and no criminal convictions, will be able to be DADSS driver/partners.

How Much Will It Cost?

The average vehicle pick up and drop off cost, will be $50 to $60. For more accurate quote, please go to service calculator.

What If I Receive An Infringement Notice, After I Have Used Your Service?

All drivers by law, are liable for any infringement she or he may incur. All services will be fully recorded with times and dates. If the infringement happened when the DADSS driver was driving the vehicle, the DADSS driver will be liable for that infringement.

What About Tolls?

We are a trusted service with an unblemished reputation. You can trust us. Any tolls will be covered by your toll account.

Will There Be Anyone Else In My Car?

No, your DADSS driver will be the only person in your vehicle.

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